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Why me.


Wonderful pieces that will last an age


Beautifully designed work for your home

Friendly Tutor

Approachable teacher leading enjoyable classes

Fine Materials

Stunning, attractive, natured-inspired materials

Katherine Keatley

I make bags, panels, pictures, and cushions. My work includes technically correct embroidered pieces, freestyle work, and I make and embellish felt.

“Beautiful felt and fine embroidery work by the lovely Katherine of Kizzyka Designs…simply stunning…and so unique” – Craft North Wales

What I Offer.
Thread Junkie.

I have been stitching since I was eight and am a self-confessed thread junkie. I love to buy amazing threads, get them home and wonder what to do with them!

I create a range of one off embroidery designs using techniques such as crewelwork, canvas work, hardanger and freestyle. I also make and embellish felt pieces and enjoy experimenting by mixing threads, fabrics and techniques.


Royal School of Needlework

My work has been recognised by the Royal School of Needlework which validates my technical skills and creative approach.