Well, it has been a while since I put out a new blog, been a little busy, and my laptop had a strop. Sorted laptop! Still busy, but I thought you might all like to know what I am up to.

March, I was part of the Landsmark Arts Textile exhibition. This was held in an old church in Teddington, an amazing venue, although a bit chilly. Lots of different textile artists, clothing, felting, embroidery, printing. The list goes on. The atmosphere was lovely. I meet some very interesting people and now have two new projects I want to try, eco dyeing and ice dyeing. Both look very interesting. But that will have to wait for the Summer break. I have said I would go back, but not as a seller. It isn’t worth my while. But I would go to do workshops or drop in advice sessions. I had lots of interest in what I did, people asking advice and standing talking about their projects. Does anyone else find this?

Then over the last couple of weeks I have been off to Wales. I have several ladies who want me to do a range of workshops for them. felting, stitching retreats, and herbs and dyes. There is also a new gallery in Machynlleth, Oriel Seren. http://www.orielseren.co.uk/ This is run by a group of local artists. I now a have a large selection of my embroidery work here. It is a lovely little place and well worth a visit. The art work is gorgeous and very diverse.

Each one of these needs a bit of tweaking from other workshops, but then that can be fun, as churning the same things out is safe, but not always very challenging. The herbs and dyes workshops will be at Camlan Garden centre in Dinas Mawddwy, http://www.camlangardening.cymru, and I am having to do some research on my Celtic stuff. Usually I focus on Viking and Tudor plants, herbs and spices. This will be quite different. we want to focus on the Celtic Heritage.

The felting workshop is a little more straight forward, just a new venue, Merion Mill, also in Dinas Mawddwy, http://www.meirionmill.co.uk  And then the third venture is still being worked on, this is offering weekend textile retreats at a venue near Machynlleth. As we are still putting these together I shall keep you all in suspense. It will be either stitching or felting, or even one of each!

So I hope all that will keep you going, I am off to Wonderwool in a couple of weeks so I will be full of new fibre and fleece. Can’t wait!

Landmark Arts

The gallery in Machynlleth.