Katherine-Keatley-with Roman-SoldierI have worked at the same school all week, delivering a different period of history to a different year group each day.

I started with year 3 and the Stone Age, and worked through Romans and Celts, Greeks, and Tudors. Then with KS1 we looked at past and present, and materials.

We covered about 6000 years in a week! Exhausting but great fun, and, because I’ve been doing the history week at Moorcroft Wood for a few years now, the children really know me and we have a great time.
The Year 5 children had loads of questions, how did I know all this ‘stuff’? What was my favourite bit of history?  We had a really interesting discussion and I hope a few are inspired to ‘get into’ history
The year6 class worked out that I have done every show with them except one. So there may be a deputation to the head!

So a big thank you to all the staff (toast every morning lol) and the children at Moorcroft Wood in Bilston.

Off to Birmingham and Wolverhampton next week, 90 Neolithics on Tuesday, and 90 Saxons on Wednesday. Another school that I love going to and do loads with.
Then it’s closer to home for a Greek Day. I do hope the weather improves. Running around in sandals is no fun when it’s raining!

And in answer to Year 5’s questions, I read a lot, I visit places, and watch programmes about history. My favourite bit, The Plantagenets. Eleanor of Aquitaine – amazing woman. Though I wouldn’t want to cross her!