There we go, the end of another academic year. When you work in schools you get two New Years!

It’s been a strange year with Tony having to retire, and me taking on the business. There have been so many fantastic schools and teachers out there who have made me realise that , YES, I can do this on my own. Tony is still there in the background too. Doing the spindle whorls!! and supporting me. We talk all the new ideas through, and I intend to keep his ethos going in any changes I do have to make.

Then I met Steve, and found my new Roman soldier. He’s also pretty good at Stone Age too having grown up on Gibraltar.

I love what Timezones does, children get a completely different way of learning. Lots of hands on experiences, drama, debating and the chance to make things. History is a fascinating subject, and yet it can be taught in such a boring way. I love it when I get told that the child who has given me loads of answers doesn’t usually say anything. the children who don’t always shine suddenly get to, because this is a less academic approach. Anyway, of the soapbox.

My thanks to all the schools that I have worked with this year, and thank you for all the bookings for next year. We are filling up nicely. And now I shall be mostly stitching for the other side of my work. I have lots of exhibitions coming up so watch out for updates.

All set for Romans.

All set for Romans.