Timezones have been visiting St Joseph & St Theresa’s RC Primary School for many years, bringing their unique interactive workshops to enhance the history topics in Key Stage 2.
Pupils are transported back to the “timezone” they are studying by involvement in practical activities and drama – they are not just taught about the history, they live it.
By giving the children the opportunity to take part in, for example, writing, court room scenes, pike drills, weaving and playing games, from the period in history they are studying, Timezones creates a hands-on experience in school which is both enjoyable and informative.

All our children look forward to a visit from Timezones and relish the opportunity to dress up in order to transport themselves back in time and fully participate in the workshops on offer.
I can strongly confirm that, without realising it, children absorb an amazing amount about history – surely that is a recommendation in itself, as learning should be fun – shouldn’t it?
If you haven’t tried Timezones yet I highly recommend you book a workshop – you won’t be disappointed