I am now involved in a project called Silver Thread, it sounds like an Elizabethan spy ring!. What it really is, is an exciting project to stitch a huge banner for Walsall. All the different areas of the town have a stitching group led by a Super Sewer, and it’s own part of the banner depicting important people and places for that area of Walsall.

For example, I am leading the group for Pheasey, Streetly, and Park Hall. So we have Barr Beacon Observatory, Merrion’s Wood Gatehouse,  amunitions workers, John Curry, and a golf ball. We meet at Pheasey library to stitch , and some ladies have smaller pieces to take away and work on.

Then all the lead sewers meet up on Thursdays to trouble shoot and blitz pieces. Our plan is to be finished by the end of November, and for the completed banner to go on tour in the New Year. It then gets a permanent home in Walsall.


It is a fantastic community project, involving stitchers of all abilities from all over the region. Some ladies are confident and experienced, they have take sections away with them to add to the final banner. Others who are less confident add stitches at our group meetings.

To find out more, or to get involved, the group is on Facebook as https://www.facebook.com/Walsall-Silver-Thread, or the website is http://creativewalsall.com/silver-thread/

There will be more news about this as the project advances.