Happy New Year to everyone.

New Year Resolutions, some of us make them, and break them. Some of us make them and keep them. Some of us just carry on as we were. I have done all three in the past.

This year I hope to be in the make and keep bracket.

I want to improve the profile of my textile work. Much as I love the history workshops, they are taking over and I am losing sight of my real passion. Creating embroideries and felt pieces. and passing on the love of textiles to others. Part of that is to write more blogs. I was very impressed with Katie at Hilltop Cloud, http://www.hilltopcloud.co.uk/ She did an Advent Blog and posted 25 really interesting articles. I don’t think I will quite match that, but I am aiming to write at least one blog per month. The topics will be varied, some about what I am up to, some informative, maybe about embroidery techniques, dyes, or other ‘stuff’ I do. Any requests?

I also hope to do more craft fairs and exhibitions, so watch this space to see where I am. I have a few in mind already.  My work is currently in Oriel Seren in Machynlleth, and the Dipsy Dragon, Dolgellau. Just before Christmas , Fire and Ice sold, one of my favourite pieces, so my first embroidery project this year will be some new work for Oriel Seren. That will please Sue! http://www.sueterrey.co.uk  Just have to decide what! An owl? More dragons?

And then there is the usual, I want to lose weight!! I have a wardrobe full of clothes I love, and can’t wear. I don’t want to buy new ones I want to wear what I have. In fact it would be like buying new ones!! Although I may give in to new shoes lol.

So here we go January achieved!! A lot about me, the next one will probably be about dyes as I am off on a dye course soon.

I do hope they went to a good home.