Well June might have been officially damp and dismal, that’s what the weather lady on Countryfile said, but for me it has gone by in a flash. Lots of Timezones bookings, we have two schools who book us for a full week. Then I work with a different year group each day, and cover a different period of history. It is fun and I get a good relationship with the children in the school.

We have been doing this at Moorcroft Wood for 3 or 4 years now. The year6 class have done every period with me, as I have a different persona for each show, some of them got very confused as to what to call me. ‘UMM’ was the best one. The other school is Huntingtree in Halesowen. In between those two I did various days at six other schools, set up Enjoyart at Wedgewood, attended a WIRE meeting, took dragons to the Why Not Gallery in Burton for another exhibition, and managed to tidy the garden and clean windows. What I haven’t done is stitch.  So now the storm is over and the schools are winding down I can get on with all the ideas going round my head.

I have started a butterfly piece, very sheer work on organza with lots of beads as dew drops, and French knots stitched with filament. Fiddly, but the effect is perfect. I was enchanted by raindrops on a rose bush not long ago and wanted to work something with that in mind. Some years ago I saw a picture, in the Butterfly Conservation Magazine, of Common Blues roosting and the image came back to me, so I had a root through my scrapbook and found it. Watch my Facebook page for pictures.