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Yarnival 2

What a great day!!! Yarnival seems to have been a success, we had lots of positive feedback about the atmosphere at the event, how it was friendly and relaxed. People felt happy to try new techniques, and not pressurised. We have also had several requests to do it...

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We are all rather excited and somewhat nervous as it is only ten days till we host the first ever Wolverhampton Yarnival. We had our final 'planning' meeting last night, going though who and what will be on display, and tweaking things like 'how shall we run the...

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Year of legends.

2017 is the Welsh Year of Legends. There are some amazing stories and I am hoping to be able to do some workshops centred on some of them. One of my favourites tells why Wales has a red dragon, and it is this story that inspired my latest embroidery. The tale goes...

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A drab January day.

I love a cold frosty, sunny winter's day. Sparkle and bright all around. so the last week has been just a tad depressing. Grey, gloom, rain, mud. Wash the dogs, wash the towels, wash the floor. Yuk. Then one of the days last week I was out with Ellie,      ( Carlos is...

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A tidy desk!

To tidy or not to tidy! In a former life I was a primary school teacher, my desk was tidy on the first day of term. After that it slowly deteriorated into a heap of books, papers, toys, pencils and anything else I was using that year. Once a term I would have a clear...

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Indigo Dye day.

Last weekend I spent a fascinating morning with Hembra Crafting. indigo dyeing. Indigo dye is made in a vat, and then pieces of fabric and fleece are added to it. Indigo is one of the most successful dyes known, it is remarkable in the...

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Nuno Felting

I have a had an amazing couple of days updating my felting skills. I make lots of felt pieces as part of my Timezones work, but I was beginning to feel that all I do is make flat squares and then embellish them. Then a few months ago I saw an amazing piece of felted...

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Silver Thread

I am now involved in a project called Silver Thread, it sounds like an Elizabethan spy ring!. What it really is, is an exciting project to stitch a huge banner for Walsall. All the different areas of the town have a stitching group led by a Super Sewer, and it's own...

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