To tidy or not to tidy!

In a former life I was a primary school teacher, my desk was tidy on the first day of term. After that it slowly deteriorated into a heap of books, papers, toys, pencils and anything else I was using that year. Once a term I would have a clear up, put things away, organise the papers and books into piles, and pass on anything that needed passing. This was my filing system, and it worked, colleagues would ask for things and I could deliver.

Then one term we were asked to assess all the children into different learning patterns, by using a computerised questionnaire. Apparently there are three ways of learning. Kinaesthetic (doing), Aural (listening), and Visual (sight).  Anyway we all did the test, me included. Unsurprisingly, I am a Kinaesthetic learner. I have to do things, even when I am listening I doodle or fidget. I hate going to the cinema, because I can’t do things while watching the film. It also means we do clutter, and untidiness rather well. Some of the children looked at my desk and fell about laughing!! Then I looked at some of their desks! We realised that some of this ‘quiz’ might have a point. They were 8-10 year olds and we really got into it. Discussing what worked for some, and why. They helped me with some of my planning so we could make sure that they all had elements to suit each group.

Although at the time I found the  test a bit irksome, it then intrigued me. It is a pity that it wasn’t followed through in schools more, the fact that we need to use a wide range of teaching strategies to allow everyone to learn. It’s talked about, but in general the current academic system suits visual and Aural learners.  Over the years I have also found it creeping into other situations, listening to Pete Mosley on a webinar, I had to send a comment, it just hit such a chord about these strategies. Then today I have joined a new Facebook group, on it they suggest tidying your desk. This will definitely work for some people, me? No. I need to see the threads and the colours to help my develop my work. Putting them away and thinking about them, means I will forget stuff. I start tidying, find things and go off on a tangent. I have lists everywhere! I am intrigued  to find out how other people react to the advice.

So people, please put your comments on. What do you think?

An envelope during a long telephone call!