Katherine-Keatley-wrenGreat excitement here this afternoon.

The wrens have fledged!!! Four little balls of fluff hopping round the yard cheeping at each other. This is the second year we have had it happen. The nest is just outside the kitchen window so I get to see all the action. Right from when Mr. Wren starts building. There are some good sides to being up at 5.30am!

If you look very carefully at the picture you can see a little brown ball, that is two baby wrens huddled together. Honest! I do love to see nature succeed. We also have baby robins about.  I don’t have a big garden, but there are trees and a slightly wild patch, so I get lots of birds. They know there is plenty of food about. Having two dogs helps keep the cats away too. After I brush the dogs I put the fluff in a little net, the birds come and take it for their nests. It is so funny to see the blue tits bombing across the garden carrying a ball of fluff that is bigger than themselves.

Walking with the Artistic Directors was lovely too. Gentle rain, no one else about. Very peaceful. There were some long sprays of wild rose with the raindrops hanging onto them like jewels. I think I will be stitching something with raindrops in next. Some where I have some pictures of grass heads with dewdrops on.

Spider webs in the Autumn always look beautiful when they are covered in dew and frost. The only time I have any appreciation for them. Spiders are the only wildlife I can’t handle.